Half way there…

As we’ve recently passed the half way mark of 2017, I wonder how we are all tracking professionally this year?

At the start of the year, I wrote about asking ourselves where we want to go this year, and what knowledge we will need take us there. Perhaps we can remind ourselves of our New Year goals and contemplate how our skills, qualifications or credentials have improved to help us reach those goals.

After contemplating both the goals you set yourself and the relevant experiences you’ve acquired this year, try to determine whether or not you’ve grown professionally or if you have stagnated. If in fact you have learnt much this year, then hopefully  you are somewhat on your way to achieving your goal(s). If however, you have stagnated, then use this opportunity to jump start your learning, and recommit to achieving your 2017 vision.

Sign up for a course, reach out to a potential mentor on LinkedIn, ask your company to sponsor your training, or read a book! It is never to late to start learning and certainly never to late to start working on your goals.







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