HR is growing, but don’t hope for a salary bump


The 2017 Hays Salary guide is out, and it contains all sorts of useful information. Not just insights into what HR is being paid today but also what employees are expecting at their next salary review.

One of the key findings in the Hays report, which surveys nearly 3,000 organisations and can be read here (sign-up required), is that even though businesses are generally more confident, and expect to hire more people in the coming year, they are more hesitant about increasing salary.

September 2017

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Business Acumen For HR


The Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) is currently offering an engaging course, promising to teach fledgling HR professionals about business management principles.

“It focuses on understanding organisational performance including the strategic, market and financial perspectives. You will discover the links to organisational performance initiatives and how people drive success.”

September 2017

For more information visit the AHRI site Here

The New Rules Of Work


I’ve recently read ‘The New Rules Of Work – The Ultimate Career Guide For The Modern Workplace,’ and highly recommend it. The book charts the modern workplace and how to navigate through a seemingly endless number of opportunities and possibilities. Through a series of thought provoking exercises authors Alexandra Cavoulacos and Kathyrn Minshew guide you on a journey to discovering your 2-5 year career path and what you have to do to get there.

August 2017

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Former human resources executive, now PageUp Global Research VP, Sylvia Vorhauser-Smith says it's no longer good enough ...

HR directors should become talent warehouse managers to survive

By David Marin-Guzman

Rapid changes in technology and work are transforming the classic human resources role and could see it consigned to irrelevancy if management does not keep up, senior executives warn.

For Transdev people and culture director Paul Birch, his role is already on a verge of a revolution as his industry prepares for “public transport on demand”, which takes the innovations of the gig economy and applies it to bus services. Instead of large buses moving to a fixed route and timetable, smaller buses can be deployed based on aggregate real time data from passengers about where and when they need transport.

Former human resources executive, now PageUp Global Research VP, Sylvia Vorhauser-Smith (Pictured above) says it’s no longer good enough for HR to ‘love working with people’

August 2017

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